Purex + Clorox 2 Detergent Review

I was kindly sent the Purex plus Clorox 2 detergent to test out last month. I tend to do laundry every week and have loads of tops ranging from different colors. So when I got the Purex plus Clorox detergent to test out, I was overjoyed to be enjoy to find my holy grail detergent.

Although I have tested and found this is not my holy grail detergent but it does satisfy many of the qualities I look for in a detergent. It does remove my hardest stains on shirts I wear while eating. It's great for my tops that are colorful. 

The toughest stain of the whole month was probably the curry stain. Those stains are hard to remove but this one did the job! I'm a huge fan of detergents that smell good so that I don't have to add scented softeners so I did wish this had a better scent. I went to check out the price in my local supermarkets and they were a smart value for Purex plus Clorox 2! This is a stain fighting detergent that is safe for colors. 

You can find more information about this product at http://www.purex.com/ 
For more personal reviews and info, their Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/purex
Their Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest page (Wow! they're active on social media)

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The Purex® brand provided me with a sample of Purex® plus Clorox 2® detergent in exchange for a product review. However all the opinions expressed here are my own.


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