Smiley 360: Randoms®

I haven't received a Smiley 360 mission in awhile so I was so happy to receive this one! Specifically because it was edible ;) I received the Randoms mission on my doorstep for complimentary testing purposes. The kit came with a resealable Randoms bag and a peg bag of Randoms. I shared the larger bag and ate the smaller bag myself! 

I personally love anything gummy and flavorful so at first impression this candy was exciting to try. There is a variety of shapes and flavors in this bag hence the name, Randoms. They are jam-filled gummy, with a dual layer of marshmallow on the back... ahh, there is slightly why I did not LOVE it. I hate marshmallow. You can check out the ingredients list here on the Wonka page.

Yes, there is a lot of flavors, yes it is slightly filled with jam, no I will not be purchasing these again. I do like other Wonka products though! 


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