Dial® Baby Body & Hair Wash and Dial® Kids Foaming Hand Wash!

I tested these products from Dial out with my younger cousin age 5. The watery melon scent for the Foaming Hand Wash soap was a hit! I personally liked it too. It's less wasteful to have a foaming pump than a regular one I think. It was easy to use and hands felt clean afterwards. 

As for the Body and Hair Wash from Dial Baby, anything that is 2 in 1, my younger cousin loves! He says it finds it so much easier to have something he can use to clean his hair and body. He tested out the tear free theory from the bottle and he has to agree it didn't lead him to screaming after getting some in his eyes! He also likes the fact it is fragrance free and doesn't smell too awful.

His mother personally liked both of these products because she realized they were pretty affordable! 


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