Holy Grail Nail Products Under $10

A few years ago I got gel nails and after removing them my nails became so brittle and damaged but upon discovering a few nail products, they're back to life and better than ever! One might think these are too many products to use every time you change your polish but if you want your nails healthy and unchipped, then these are the products you may want to invest in. (They're all less than $10 too!)

It may be a controversial topic but I like to remove and cut my cuticle, whether or not you like to this product may not float your boat. First I apply Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover (everyone should have this). I also have Color Club's Cuticle Oil that I apply before I finally cut my cuticle.  This bottle has lasted me more than a year and it's not even half way used yet. After washing my hands to remove the excess oils I apply Orly's Nail Defense (life saver for those with brittle nails) or my new OPI's Nail Envy Nail Strengthener. I've used Orly's for awhile since a friend recommended it and I love it and it has made my nails honestly stronger. I haven't tried Nail Envy long enough to state it works but I like the brush and I've heard awesome reviews. Lastly (not really) I apply my holy grail Sally Hansen's Green Tea + Olive Growth which has significantly helped my nails grow. I am currently on my second bottle. FINALLY... after I top my polish off with the infamous (not Seche Vite :P) Out The Door Top Coat which is beyond cheap and makes my nails look like I got gel! Have you tried any of these products, if not what are your holy grail nail products?


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