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 Throwback Saturday? I miss Hawaii so much. I'm so grateful my parents were able to take us all there for vacation back in March. Back when I was still in UA, back when I still had my lovely red dyed hair. Hanauma Bay was such a beautiful, unforgettable sight. Those tiny dots down there in the blue water are actually people! I can't wait to go back.
 Finally got try the infamous Whitening Lightning and to my surprise it does work the first time. I'm sure I'll see, most definitely more results after more uses but for now I'm glad it wasn't too pricey. Their customer service is A+ as well.
 I was SO excited to receive REN sample sizes to try when I emailed them. Didn't think they'd be so nice about it! Now you know ;) I was eager to try their products since the skincare queen Caroline Hirons mentioned her love of the clay cleanser (which I JUST purchased from Sephora today). My favorite out of these would be the Day Cream because it's sooo lightweight and has no irritable fragance. The Detox Mask doesn't seem to work too well for me.
I got these two babies over the summer which my boyfriend got along with me so we can play together, hehe. It's actually a very cute game and very different from games I've played before. Sadly, my boyfriend sold both of his so I will be playing alone...until my friend Christina decides to get it. ;)

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  1. Omg Animal Crossing is beyond addicting!